About MAC Testing

MAC Testing is a holistic, student-centered teaching and learning community offering specialized, expert instruction in mathematics, reading, writing, vocabulary, and science. MAC TEACHES THINKING: how to process, to interpret, to organize, and to convey information of all kinds. For this reason, we defy the easy categorization implied by titles like "tutor" or "test prep." Rather than supplying students with easily-forgotten, test-specific, "wise guy" tricks, we offer genuine education. What a student learns at MAC is immediately transferable to other academic work, as well as to real-life problem-solving situations. When a student leaves MAC, he or she sees the world and the Self—both in and out of school—with a greater degree of clarity, insight, and self-direction than ever before.

The MAC Center is located in a beautifully decorated, large ground floor corner office in a professional office park in historic Tinton Falls, New Jersey. Students have access to a "seashore" lounge, and a country kitchen stocked with healthy snacks, as well as Internet-equipped computers, among other special features. MAC strives to create an atmosphere that is both intellectually stimulating and personally peaceful: a place where students feel and are genuinely welcomed, supported, and at home. Intellectually and personally, MAC is an organic comfort zone, one specifically designed to meet students' respective needs.