Information for Parents

What do you really get for your tuition at MAC Testing?

Among the amazing benefits of MAC are:

  • In-depth professional assessment of you as a student and as an individual. (This mandatory evaluation costs only $249.00. It would cost well over a thousand dollars, if done independently by a trained professional at MAC or elsewhere.)

  • FREE snacks and drinks—and cable TV in a nurturing, stress-free, safe and fun home-like learning environment. We even have a place for you to wash up if you are coming from practice, returning to school for a special program, and the like, and need to clean up and change your clothing before leaving the center. There is also a terrific student lounge for your comfort and use.

  • Highly competent, culturally diverse staff, each of whom is passionate about his/her discipline and about teaching you.

  • A complete listing of every college in the country that has whatever it is you want as your major—no matter how many potential majors you select—and expert in-house college and career counseling based on the findings of the above personal assessment. (The Senior Writing Workshops--Cycle A, B and C do this in depth. There is a separate fee for these professional workshop-related services.)

  • You can start at any time you wish and progress at your own pace. Finish whenever you have the scores you need to gain admission into the colleges you should reasonably be expected to gain entrance into and be accepted in the major(s) of your choice.

A detailed program comparsion breakdown is located in the Quick Links to the left. The files are in PDF format, so you will require Adobe Reader to open them on your computer. If you do not have Adobe Reader, then please follow this link to download the latest version of Adobe Reader to install on your computer.

Our Academic Track Record

  • 99% Success Rate

  • Guarantee is a 200-point increase from your lowest score on your P/SAT to your highest score on the P/SAT at the end of your six-months at MAC. (Please see MAC Guarantee for particulars.)

FREE information about financial aid, innovative Upromise Automatic Education Savings Account and scholarships.

  • Placement in truly small classes with highly qualified MAC strategists. Depending on your schedule, teaching and personality style will intentionally be matched with your learning and personality style.

  • A prep program that is available six days a week, one that can easily accommodate even the busiest schedule. During the summer sessions, MAC will hold ±71 classes per week, or ±142 hours of instruction every Monday through Saturday. Private clients may be seen on Sundays, as well as during the week and mutually convenient days, times and dates. During the 2011-2012 school year, MAC will hold ±60 classes per week, or ±120 hours of instruction, depending on enrollment. (SAT II Prep Program is also available at a separate fee.)

Our P/SAT Program Growth

  • In the past five years, we have grown 700% due to our proven success with learners of all proficiency levels. Learners come to study at MAC from all over the world.

  • FREE scrumptious baked treats prepared especially for you, if, as a result of prepping at MAC, your score is over 700 on the PSAT/SAT verbal and/or math section(s) and you can prove it with official documentation.

  • Highly organized curriculum taught in a personnally relevant, relaxed and fresh fashion—at each learner's pace and proficiency level.

  • Typically, as a direct result of becoming a significantly more empowered learner and test-taker at MAC Testing, your grades, self-confidence and self-esteem will also steadily increase.

  • You will substantially enhance your chances of gaining admission into your top colleges and of earning scholarship money with your solid SAT scores (and essays, if also prepared at MAC). Dr. Mac and other professional writers on staff will teach you how to write brilliant college application essays, and together with how to prepare extraordinary resumes to showcase you at the colleges of your choice. There, of course, is a separate fee for all of our exciting and highly successful Writing Workshops, including the one for seniors which packages and positions them for college. There is no limit on the number of applications or essays. MAC even has a professional in-house typing and editing service, should you need such assistance.

Class Scheduling

At MAC, you can attend an unlimited number of classes, in addition to your regular schedule.

Minimal Schedule:
2 math classes and 1 verbal class per week or 2 verbal classes and 1 math class per week, depending on your stronger and weaker skill, as well as 1 grammar class and 1 essay preparation class = 10 hours of instruction per week or ±40 hours per month. Make-up classes are built into the schedule.

Recommended Schedule:
2 math classes and 2 verbal classes per week, in addition to a Grammar Games class. These can include specialty classes in math and/or verbal, when you are ready. Don't forget to consistently work on your vocabulary both at MAC, and on your own.

Prorated Cost:
During the 6 months you are here, the cost of SAT instruction compared with other SAT preparation centers is fixed at $8.88 per hour. After your 6-month enrollment is up, you can stay at MAC for a mere $150/month maintenance fee, a fee that hasn't increased in over 20 years. (That's $6/hour!)