Prospective Students

Welcome to the MAC family! We certainly hope that your time spent learning with us is enjoyable, productive, memorable and fun-filled. To see more information about what to do as you begin our program, please follow the "First Day at MAC" link on the right.

Current Students


Test Review Sessions
There are five sessions, or ten hours, of Test Review each week during the school year and four sessions, or eight hours, of Test Review each week during MAC's seven-week summer session.

These sessions are for NEWCOMERS and VETS. We will go over all your tests/practice tests with you and make an ongoing Personal Plan of Action for you so that you can achieve your goal on the P/SAT, as well as do better in school.

Verbal P/SAT Prep
All P/SAT verbal classes designated LEVEL I: Newcomers are strictly for new students. If you choose to attend a Newcomers class, but you are a Vet, then this session will be a review for you. Therefore, you will have to accommodate the activities of the given class—not vice versa.

Regular attendance, active participation and proper materials, e.g., your own markers, yellow highlighters, index cards, and so forth, are requisites for success. You must provide these yourself and have them on hand for every verbal class.

You have approximately 12 different verbal classes to choose from at your level, viz., LEVEL 2. You are encouraged to attend as many of these as possible during the week.

Newcomers: Freshmen through Seniors
You should attend one or more Veterans' classes during any given week. These will help to bring you up to speed as quickly as possible. You'll be a vet in no time!

Attend as many MAC Vocab-U-Lab sessions as you can in addition to building your vocabulary in the numerous verbal classes, as well as on your own. (A poor vocabulary is an accurate predictor of a poor verbal score on the P/SAT.) You are sure to enjoy the ever-colorful Word of the Day entries that are posted in the Student Lounge, as well as the WordSmart computer program and the wild Quack! DVD set at MAC. At MAC, we have an array of fresh ways for you to learn vocabulary.

Specialty Nights
In addition to MAC's extensive verbal schedule of classes, Verbal Specialty Nights are also available for Sentence Completion, Critical Reading, Grammar Games, and Essay Prep. However, during the school year, these sessions are only available to those who already are very familiar with the MAC Method of answering these specific types of verbal questions. During the summer, Specialty Nights for Newcomers are also available.

Math Specialty Nights feature Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Word Problems, Fast Math, Statistics and HuMATHities.

Throughout the year, even if you are on holiday—remember to continue working on your academic skills, especially vocabulary building. You can never make too many brain cards. A reasonable goal would be to master at least 50 new words a week. Ten words a day—any five days a week is an easy and doable plan. Get out of your own way and get going! You can do it!