The MAC Benefits

N.B. What follows also applies to students applying to prep schools, law schools, medical schools, professional schools, and graduate schools.

  • Relevance of P/SAT verbal and math skills to real-life made on an on-going basis.

  • In-depth professional assessment of you as a student and as an individual.

  • A complete listing of every college in the country that has whatever it is you are thinking of majoring in — no matter how many potential majors you select — and in-house college and career counseling based on the findings of the above personal assessment.

  • Highly competent, culturally diverse staff, each of whom is amazingly skilled, as well as genuinely passionate about his/her discipline and very passionate about teaching you.

  • Placement in truly small classes with highly qualified enthusiastic instructors. Teaching and personality style as ascertained by The Profile will intentionally match your learning and personality style with your teachers' teaching and personality styles. You are encouraged to attend classes as often as possible.

  • You will substantially enhance your chances of gaining admissions into your top colleges and of earning college scholarship money with solid SAT scores. The money paid to MAC is an investment in your future.

  • Nurturing, stress-free and fun, home-like learning environment with free healthy snacks and drinks, as well as cable TV. A snack machine is also available.

  • You can start at any time you wish and progress at your own pace. Finish whenever you have the scores you need to gain admission into the colleges you should reasonably be expected to gain entrance into and be accepted in the major(s) of your choice.

  • 99% success rate — average score gain is 200+ points.

  • Our prep program is available six days a week (Monday-Saturday) for all students, group and private, during the school year, as well as during our seven-week summer session. Sundays are available year-round only for private clients. MAC can easily accommodate even the busiest schedule.

  • Our PSAT Prep Program has grown over 700% in the past five years due to our proven success with learners of all proficiency levels.

  • Highly organized curriculum taught in a relaxed fashion—at each learner's pace and proficiency level.

  • Typically, as a direct result of becoming a significantly more empowered learner and test-taker at MAC Testing, your grades, self-confidence and self-esteem will also increase.

  • You can attend an unlimited number of classes in addition to your regular class schedule. Make-up classes are built in. MAC offers ±120 hours of instruction during the academic year and ±142 hours of instruction during the seven-week summer session.

  • Suggested diet, vitamins, breathing and exercise regimens to promote and sustain mental acuity, natural high energy, tranquility and increased focal abilities.