The MAC Mission

To help you to help yourself turn the "Swiss cheese" you into the "provolone" you--or at least the "Lorraine Swiss" you--at a rate and in a way that is ecological and appropriate for you, and to encourage and support you in this pivotal phase of this fascinating life-long task/mission.

A Universal Truth

Regardless of such factors as your age, sex, socio-economic level, ethnicity, maturity, intelligence, academic training, and the like, you still have "holes" in your academic background, as well as "holes" in your heart and soul. (We all do.) These need to be brought to consciousness in a friendly, safe, nurturing and brain-compatible environment and confronted and healed, if you are ever to realize your true potential as a learner and regain your true birthright as an individual.

Our Mutual Tasks

  • To uncover the "holes" in your body, mind and spirit.

  • To ascertain how many there are, where they are located and how big they are.

  • To devise a personal plan of action to fill in as many of these "holes" as possible in the most expeditious way possible so that you can be maximally successful in every aspect of your life.

  • To create and sustain a safe, trusting and brain-friendly environment so that you can become an empowered and autonomous whole person.

Personal Plan of Action

During Test Review (TR) classes, you and your TR Specialist will go over your test(s) in depth and formulate a specific Plan of Action for you based on your academic needs and real-life schedule. This on-going process takes your on-going "academic pulse" so that we all know how you are doing and what assistance you truly need.