The MAC Process

Speak directly, peacefully and promptly to Dr. Mac and/or to the office staff whenever you have an issue, small or large, to resolve at the Center. If there is an issue today, for whatever reason, let's resolve it today and move on. We are genuinely here for you to help you find your "voice" and speak up for yourself respectfully. The answer to your question will very likely be "yes!" because MAC wants to give you whatever you need to be comfortable and successful, as long as it is legal, moral, ethical and humanly possible. Keep in mind that you are ultimately responsible for your education. We, at MAC, are facilitators of learning. You are in charge of the quality and direction of your own learning. You are driving the "bus" of your life. Better still, why not own the "bus company" or aspire to be the Secretary of Transportation of your own life? You are the man. You are the woman.

Call for an appointment to discuss your specific needs and P/SAT history.

  • Send for or pick up a MAC P/SAT Packet.

  • Tour the facilities and have an interview with Dr. Mac, if you so desire. (Call for an appointment.)

  • Fill out and return the completed registration form and signed contract with your checks made out to MAC Testing in the appropriate amounts. (See current rate sheet for fees and cost of The Profile.)

  • Bring in your academic and testing records and other relevant records to help establish a baseline and to determine your schedule.

  • Schedule your practice test experience, take the appropriate test(s) ASAP, find out your results, set-up your tests for analysis and then discuss the ramifications of the results with Dr. Mac and the Test Review staff. (If you have already taken a PSAT or SAT, then bring in your official score report sheets, along with your test booklets, and you will not have to undergo the practice test experience. You will, however, have to go to Test Review to thoroughly review the tests and their respective score report sheets that you do have. We need at least two tests for cross-validation purposes.)

  • Explore your professional school and career dreams and set your short- and long-term goals.

  • Ascertain the score/increase needed to realize your professional career dreams (intake).

  • Complete the extensive and fascinating Personal Profile as you concurrently begin to work systematically through your verbal content classes. These personal self-access tests contained in The Profile are updated annually. (If you are academically-gifted and require an accelerated program or if you have learning/testing issues, MAC will do everything possible to accommodate you.)

  • Begin math classes and systematically work through your specifically-designed program at your own pace. (A periodic inventory will be taken of your math strengths and weaknesses.) Class changes will be suggested, only where appropriate.

  • Monitor progress, attendance and monthly goals with self, family and Test Review staff. (Fill in and adhere to the findings indicated on your MAC Test Review/Analysis Status Reports and achieve your goals faster.)

  • See other specialists, in-house or outside the Center, if so recommended and/or if so desired. Commit to whole-brain vocabulary building on an ongoing basis not simply throughout your entire time at MAC but also beyond. You need both the words and the techniques to score high.

  • Change verbal and/or math levels according to the expert advice of your Test Review Specialist(s). Attend as many classes as possible in both skills. Be sure to also attend as many VOCAB-U-LAB sessions as you can each week. Use the computerized WordSmart-MathSmart programs as often as possible. You are always welcomed. MAC also has a built-in make-up program.

  • Work intensely in your sundry classes and take various practice exams, as needed. At MAC, there are eight Mock P/SAT tests given throughout the year two weeks before every scheduled SAT, in addition to a summer Mock in mid-August. With the help of the Test Review staff, monitor your strengths and weaknesses and become cognizant of other possible reasons for your mistakes so you may correct them ASAP.)

  • Take actual exam and report your results to MAC ASAP. (We need a photocopy of all official tests results for your file and our records.)

  • Diagnose actual exam results, go over specific errors in class (See monthly schedule.) and revise personal empowerment plan with the Test Review team and Dr. Mac.

  • See Dr. Koch, if necessary, for further academic pothole repair. (See monthly verbal schedule for appointment details.) Be sure to attend one of our Critical Reading Specialty Nights at MAC, as well as use our eyeQ computer program on a regular basis. (eyeQ is a dynamic computer program that helps students read faster and process information quicker and more effectively. Students who successfully complete this program increase their reading speed by an average of 2-10 times. It is fun and easy to use.)

  • Work on improving your specific weaknesses, as well as your strengths — Practice! Practice! Practice!

  • Retake actual exam, if necessary, and report results to MAC ASAP. Typically, the vast majority of students take the SAT twice. Some take it a third time. (Repeat diagnosis steps with the Test Review team and revise personal empowerment plan accordingly.)

  • Keep attending classes until you have earned the score you need to get into the colleges that you should reasonably be expected to get into to study whatever it is you wish to major in that is genuinely suitable for you.

  • Graduate from MAC with honors and with honor. (Be sure to notify MAC ASAP of all scholarship monies earned and grant monies received.)

  • Use our many other services (See current MAC Menu.), as needed, now as well as in the future.

  • Really take in and savor your achievements. (You need this to grow on.)

  • Keep in touch. (We're part of each other's personal histories forever. We'll miss you.) Tell your friends and family about MAC. They will thank you for it.