Among The MAC Staff

Dr. Jean D'Arcy Maculaitis (Dr. Mac)
Award-winning Educator, Author, Professional Test Architect/Test Writer, International Lecturer, Brain Researcher, Professional Guidance Counselor & Career Counselor

Dr. Dan Celenti (Dr. Dan)
Math Expert, Physics International Olympiad Winner, Engineer, International Business Management Specialist

Dr. Elisa Celenti
Math Expert, Literature International Olympiad Winner, & Computer Scientist

Dr. Elizabeth Koch
Learning Disabilities Expert, Curriculum Designer, & Guidance Counselor

Dr. Denise Seden
Statistics and Mathematics Expert

Mr. Michael Brenner
International Problem-Solving Expert

Ms. Martine Maculaitis (Ph.D./ABD)
Advanced Doctoral Candidate in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Award-Winning Professional Writer and Researcher, and Adjunct Professor, M.S.

Ms. Karen Collopy
Professional Editor and Qualitative and Quantitative Sociological Researcher

At MAC, we boast a highly competent, culturally diverse staff, each of whom is passionate about his/her discipline and about teaching you. You will be placed in truly small classes with highly qualified instructors. (Many classes are either team-taught or run concurrently at the same proficiency level in math and verbal.) As a result, teaching and personality style will intentionally match your learning and personality style.

MAC employees are true experts in every sense of the word. Their backgrounds combine professional expertise and real-world experience. Dr. Mac, who holds a self-designed Ph.D. in the measurement and evaluation of the English Language from New York University, is a world-renowned test architect/test writer and author, as well as internationally-recognized speaker, and award-winning educator. Among the amazing faculty are four other Ph.D.s, five who hold M.A. degrees, professional guidance/career counselors, winners of the International Literature and Physics Olympiads, National Merit scholarship winners, professional engineers, doctoral candidates, professional writer/editors, and award-winning, certified teachers. Our professional associates include a child psychiatrist/pediatrician, an attorney, a learning disability specialist, psychologists, social workers, AD/HD specialists, as well as cognitive, auditory, and vision specialists, among others. And, just as importantly as their qualifications, our teachers genuinely care about their students.