The MAC Track Record

Verbal classes and writing workshops taught personally by Dr. Mac, an award-winning testing specialist and the author of numerous books, speeches, articles and hundreds of standardized tests used worldwide, and her expert staff of professional writers and editors.

  • ±99% success rate

  • Average score gain well over 200 points

  • 28.5 years in business—catering to busy athletes, performing artists, student leaders, community servants and young entrepreneurs

  • 700% + increase in business in the past five years

  • Extraordinary number of National Merit Scholarship Finalists and Semi-Finalists over the years

  • Over $25,000,000.00 in scholarship monies earned by MAC classes from 1995-present

  • Serving clients from throughout the county, state and nation, as well as abroad

  • Our commitment is to empower life-long, autonomous learners

  • 100% track record for getting those truly committed students who wish to attend a United States service academy into the academy of his or her choice.