Information for Parents

If a learner has a number of specific serious learning issues, professional educational specialists may speculate that it might require approximately eight to fourteen months to remediate the situation. Logically, the fewer the learning problems, the quicker the remediation. However, no one can predict with certainty that these academic and/or personal issues will be history by a certain date.

Achievement requires focused effort. Few youngsters are voluntarily willing to make this effort when they feel parents do not expect it from them. Without healthy parental values, affirmation, support and encouragement, most struggling youngsters simply give up. Parents who fail to acknowledge these efforts on the part of the child because of their own unrealistic expectations should not be surprised when their child fails to develop self-confidence.

It is psychically dangerous for a child to achieve goals, especially lofty ones, exclusively to please his/her parents. Over time, the child may become so other-directed that s/he may fail to develop a well-formulated sense of her/his own identity. Such a child is at risk of becoming disillusioned as an adult. One day, s/he may discover that the goals the learner had always assumed were her/his own are really someone else's goals. This realization may be devastating and may well require extensive therapy to deal with and to finally overcome. The intense bitterness towards the parent(s) and the possible serious misunderstanding of the parents' good intentions which may ensue are avoidable. Nothing and no one should ever be allowed to come between you and your child—not even you and your worthy career dreams for your youngster.