College Programs

LSAT Test Prep & Writing Workshop

  • Have your "walk in the door" LSAT strenghts and weaknesses professionally diagnosed and a personal study plan formulated for you ASAP.

  • Get powerful and appropriate professional law school counseling.

  • Select the truly best law schools for you.

  • Arrive at the point where you just cannot wait to sit for the LSAT because you are truly ready.

  • Be expertly packaged and positioned for law school.

  • Avoid stress by getting your résumé and apps finished early and well.

  • Learn how to write so much better and faster from professional writers, editors and researchers, as well as from a practicing attorney.

  • Significantly increase your chances of admittance to your top law schools.

  • Enjoy your senior year, if you are still in college.

In this highly competitive world, it is never too early to master the advantageous art of packaging and positioning yourself for law school and beyond.

Professional writers call it writer’s block, but panic before a blank page is not exclusive to writers who are professional. Writing anxiety can immobilize anyone at any time: business executives behind in correspondence, students struggling over term papers, lawyers laboring over legal briefs, nurses, social workers and psychologists dreading report deadlines and high school and college seniors preparing essays and personal statements for review by admission committees. People with writing apprehension and a weak grammar foundation have been known to let these written-language deficiencies determine the career path of their lives. Unfortunately, this may lead them to choose majors in college, and later jobs in which they have few writing demands. Some also let these factors limit their earning and advancement potential. Sometimes even those who have been writing successfully for years suddenly find their creative juices have run dry at a time when these juices are badly needed to complete some very important academic, business or personal task. Others of all ages have stories inside them that they want to tell, but they just cannot seem to be able to get the words out on paper or on the computer. At law school, you may be the most knowledgeable student in class, but, if you cannot write well enough on your written assignments and tests, your grades can drop like a stone. Instead of the “A” that is commensurate with your genuine mastery of the subject matter, you will probably have to settle for a “B”—or worse—all because you have never been taught systematically how to write well grammatically, structurally, creatively and persuasively. For better or for worse, as an attorney, you will have to write cogently, quickly, thoroughly and accurately virtually on a daily basis. Your success will depend on it. Your reputation will, in part, be enhanced or diminished by it.

MCAT, GMAT, & GRE Programs

Our programs for the MCAT, GMAT, and GRE are structured very similiarly to those of the LSAT. Tutoring, however, is done strictly on a private one-on-one session basis. If there are enough students who are inquiring about the program at the same time, then it is possible that we will hold a group session comprising of 4 - 6 students for test preparation. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to call the center.