MAC Jr. Program

A Superior, Holistic Multi-Media and Innovative Learning Program for Students of All Ability Levels in Grades 6 to 8

Our innovative and exciting MAC JUNIOR Program focuses on working closely with students of all ability levels in grades 6-8. This immediately useful and practical program has been specifically designed to meet the individual academic and social needs of each youngster. Each learner moves systematically and developmentally at his/her individual pace through listening, speaking, writing, reading and math. Because virtually every course and every test is based primarily on reading comprehension, this pivotal skill is the foundation on which MAC Jr. is built.

One of the major goals of all MAC programs is to foster and support autonomous learning. Our comfortable and caring learning environment provides the child with the support and the confidence to ask and answer questions without intimidation.

Throughout this enjoyable summer learning camp, individualized benchmarks are used to assess the ongoing progress of each learner. This benchmark record is then shared with parents and may also be shared with the child's school—if the parents so desire. Professional referrals are made, as needed. All data gathered from external sources are used to better serve the child's needs and are regarded as confidential, unless the family decides otherwise.

If you are really serious about grooming your youngster well for ongoing academic achievement and want your child to learn about himself or herself, as well as about academics, in a nurturing, encouraging and safe environment, call 732.741.6112/.3321 today! You will be happy you did, when you see the positive changes in your child at school and at home.

The MAC Jr. faculty is comprised of certified teachers: MAC-trained college scholars, an author, a professional editor, and Dr. Mac herself. Margaret Tobin, our remedial math teacher, is a former math department chair, while Joanna Kotsis, a basic study skills specialist at Brookdale Community College, rounds out our team. These are not the only staff that will be working with your child at MAC, but they are the primary educators. Dr. Mac is always involved in your child's education and happiness during your son or daughter's stay with us.

MAC Jr. Benefits

MAC Jr. students are progressing systematically and easily through our personalized and lively program. Your child can, too. Here are but a few of the many benefits of being on the MAC Jr. Team!

Some Primary Benefits:

  • The joy of learning—discovered/rediscovered/sustained

  • Holistic and natural approach to learning

  • Informal yet structured, small classes—typically no more than six to eight students

  • "Customized" lively program via vital MAC Profile intake data

  • Ongoing individualized academic pothole repair

  • Ongoing individualized benchmark assessment

  • Safe, non-shaming environment

  • Matched learning and teaching styles

  • Personally—and academically—relevant, immediately useful and very practical hands-on experiences/activities

  • Improved organizational skills, time and stress management skills and visualization skills

  • Learning style pathway analysis, relevant learning style improvment strategy sheet and application of these data for classroom and various test-taking situations

  • Parent/students have direct say in learning process—personal wishlist complied

  • Counseling component for students and/or parents, if so desired/needed

A Sampling of Secondary Benefits:

  • Less school-related tension at home

  • Learn academic concepts and their application in real-life

  • Stress-free learning, using multi-sensory brain-compatible instruction

  • State-of-the-art curriculum guide for every level

  • Suggested diet, vitamins, breathing and exercise regimens to promote and sustain mental acuity, natural high energy, tranquility and increased focal abilities

  • Field trip possibilities