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  • Senior Writing Workshops


  • Specialty Nights in Critical Reading, Grammar, Writing and Vocabulary

  • Specialty Nights in Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Statistics,
    Fast Math and Word Problems

  • Private Tutoring

  • Test Review Sessions

  • More MAC Services

MAC Action Indicators

User-friendly MAC ACTION INDICATORS, aka The Profile, contains a series of pro-active and powerful self-access personal assessments specifically designed for learners/readers between the ages of approximately 12 and 25. For more detail about this dynamic personal profile, check out the MAC ACTION INDICATORS.


MAC-a-thons are held every Wednesday immediately prior to a SAT test date from 3:00P.M. to 9:00 P.M. Dr. Mac provides free healthy snacks and dinner with plenty of time to relax in between the classes to refresh yourself. Six hours of intensive SAT instruction and much more, including proven visualization, relaxation and concentration techniques. Stay as long as you can. Be in the zone for real.

Senior Writing Workshops

The exciting and practical Writing Workshops are a vital step towards your college selection process. Be prepped by professional writers! For example, Dr. Mac not only has written many standardized grammar and writing tests that are used worldwide but she has authored a grammar book and 22 other books, as well.

MAC's Cycle A: Spring Writing Workshop for Juniors includes early college selection, packaging and positioning for college, the editing of all Cycle A written materials, the preparation of a resume, the Common Application, its personal statement, its short-answer essay and its supplement form and additional essay(s). Interview preparation is also available either to private clients or to those signed up for the Deluxe Writing Workshop package.

MAC's Cycle B and C Writing Workshops contain the same elements as the Spring Writing Workshop. These run from early September through late January.


An unpretentious, uncomplicated and effective technique to ascertain your individual lexicon*, that is, a simple, easy and effective way to learn vocabulary.

Attend as many VOCAB-U-LAB sessions as you can in addition to building your word power in the numerous verbal classes, as well as on your own. A poor vocabulary is an accurate predictor of a poor verbal score on the P/SAT. (If you didn't understand the above-starred sentence and/or your present vocabulary is inadequate, then you need to come to VOCAB-U-LAB as soon and as often as possible.) MAC has a plethora of fresh ways to teach you the words you need on standardized tests and in real life.

Specialty Nights in Verbal, Math and Essay Writing

Learn how to excel and "excellerate!" In addition to MAC's extensive verbal schedule of classes, Specialty Nights are also available for Sentence Completion and Critical Reading, as well as for Grammar and Essay Writing. These sessions are only available to those who already are very familiar with the MAC Method of answering these specific types of verbal questions.

In addition to MAC's extensive math schedule of classes, Specialty Nights are also available for Algebra I & II, Geometry, Word Problems and HuMATHities. Be sure to also check out Dr. Celenti's Fast Math class and his new SAT math text, Perfect 800 SAT Math: Advanced Strategies for Top Students.

Private Tutoring

MAC is open year-round to serve you and your family. Due to the tremendous demand of students wishing private sessions at MAC, we have had to institute reasonable rules that must be complied with to be fair to all concerned. Private clients receive a Private Sessions Agreement Form and the Schedule of Private Session(s)and Cost(s) of Service(s) listing the specific days, times, strategists and appropriate fees involved in rendering the specified professional services needed for a given student/parent. For more information, contact MAC at 732.741.6112.

Test Review Sessions

College Funding

MAC recommends the expert services of Thomas J. Price, whose sole business and passion is to service your college funding needs. Among other things, he will be able to show you:

  • How to qualify for financial aid regardless of your income or net worth

  • How to determine which schools have more money for your student

  • How to avoid the biggest mistakes most parents make

  • Why your high school cannot help in the financial aid process

  • How to arrange your financial situation to pay for college with as little out of pocket as possible—and much, much more!

Call Mr. Price at 732.292.1955 directly for assistance. Tell him Dr. Mac sent you. (His kids were MACsters, too.)

More MAC Services

  • Reading Clinics

  • Extraordinary Résumé Preparation to Help Package & Position You

  • Speed Reading Program

  • Career / Vocational Assessment / Analysis

  • College Counseling / Selection (for Athletes and Non-Athletes)

  • Graduate and Professional School Counseling/Selection

  • Interview Prep for All Levels of Education

  • Expert Applications and Essay(s) Preparation for All Levels of Education

  • Professional Typing and Editing Services

  • Other Select Standardized Test Prep, e.g., LSAT, GRE, TOEFL, SSAT, ISEE, GEPA, MAC K-12

At MAC, you are actually taught the skills you need to know to master the P/SAT and any other standardized test above middle school level. It’s all fresh. We are experts. We need no scripts to teach you.

FYI: For an in-depth analyses of precisely how MAC compares with other major P/SAT Prep Programs, please see the 2011-2012 MAC Testing & Consulting, LLC’s Comparison Chart. All the comparative data reported in this chart is verifiable & public information.