The MAC Process

Step 1: Check Us Out

  • Call  732-741-6112  for an appointment to discuss you and your family’s specific needs.
  • Check out our website,, for further information and updates.
  • If you would like, tour our facilities and have a personal interview with Dr. Mac. (There is no charge.)

Step 2: Get Ready!

  • Fill out the registration forms. Submit (by mail or in person) the appropriate check(s) for the specific program(s) of choice to MAC Testing. Have your parents make this/these check(s) out to MAC Testing.
  • Bring in your junior/senior high school report cards, standardized testing with accompanying official score report sheets and any other relevant academic and/OR medical records to help us both to understand your history and to establish a baseline from which to measure your progress.
  • Schedule practice tests, as well as the The Profile. Come in ASAP. Not only will everything be ready for you, but everything will be scored/evaluated typically within 24 hours.

Step 3: Let’s Start

  • Complete The Profile to learn more about yourself and your personal goals, current stress level, viable career possibilities, strengths, weaknesses, and talents, among other highly relevant information.
  • Complete practice exams in a timely fashion. Then, go to Test Review (TR) to review every aspect (both the correct and incorrect answers) of your given exam with our excellent MAC TR Staff in order to better understand your mistakes and to build your personal empowerment plan.

Step 4: Learn and Evolve

  • Formulate your class schedule and revise accordingly, as you progress through MAC’s P/SAT program.
  • Participate in the numerous classes offered in various subjects and follow your personal plan to bolster your chances of reaching and even exceeding your goals and dreams.
  • Build a powerful whole-brained vocabulary “library” and improve in math, critical reading and DBQ essay writing in order to enable yourself to reach new heights in school and on standardized tests.
  • Take more exams, including Mock SATs that are regularly given at MAC two Sundays before each official SAT administration. Review these results with the MAC TR team ASAP. This will truly enable us (and you) to diagnose your strengths and weaknesses throughout the entire learning process.

Step 5: Thrive and Achieve

  • Keep attending classes with an open and focused mind to steadfastly leave your own preconceived limits and past negative belief system concerning you and your likely performance on standardized tests in the proverbial “dust.” Consult our website for details and testimonials.
  • Enroll in our College Application/Senior Writing Workshop (CA/SWW) and receive expert help and guidance throughout the entire college application process. Start early and end brilliantly. (This is a separate program for an additional charge.)
  • Each year, many of our students earn college scholarships. Why not you?
  • Graduate” from MAC with honors and with honor. Keep us in the loop about all of your exciting future plans, achievements and endeavors.

Step 6: Come Back, Keep In Touch and Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor!

  • Take advantage of the many other graduate level services we offer.  
  • We’re only a call/email away. Please keep in touch! We love hearing from past students.
  • Share!  Tell your friends and family about MAC Testing! They will thank you.
  • Take what you have learned from MAC about yourself, both personally and intellectually, and prepare to sparkle, thrive and advance.

About Us

Help your children achieve their goals by enrolling them in the various programs offered at MAC!

We offer powerful P/SAT, LSAT programs, as well as professional college/law school/prep school counseling & applications/essay preparation.

Our Contacts

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