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At MAC Testing & Consulting, LLC, highly trained professionals, concerned parents and responsible students share a commitment to excellence, achievement, accountability and caring.

With our many services, MAC can provide a practical and ecological "bridge" from junior high school to high school to college and beyond for both students and their parents. At MAC, no scripts are ever needed to teach you. Three of our staff members hold doctorates; one is an ABD doctoral candidate (all but dissertation); one is an MD; two are international Olympiad gold medal winners; one is a pre-med student; several hold Master's degrees, and three are professional editors. The entire staff is caring, committed, competent and readily accessible to the students.

Dr. Mac is one of the few academically-trained standardized test architects/test writers in the world. Among other degrees and professional training, Dr. Mac holds a self-designed Ph.D. in the Measurement and Evaluation of the English Language with a dual concentration in linguistics and neurolinguistics from New York University. She teaches students how to prove the answers to every question with great ease not only during verbal sessions at the center but also while they are actually taking the test, because, by definition, the answer to every standardized test question is provable. At MAC and on the P/SAT, the pivotal question is not just about how many questions can you omit on the test and still do well but rather it is about whether or not you can prove the answers while you are taking the test.

You are probably considering test-prep firms such as Princeton Review, Sylvan, Huntington, or Kaplan. And, if all you're looking for are some tricks, these firms are probably fine. If, on the other hand, you want 80 hours of available, flexible instructional time per week from committed experts, MAC is the answer. Those larger and, by nature, more impersonal, nationally-known corporations cannot possibly compete with the level of individual attention we devote to each and every one of our students. So, if you merely want to pass a test, go to one of those big guys. But if you want a rewarding, and even transformative experience, then call 732.741.6112 NOW!

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