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The Profile is NOT about recalibrating your outlook OR your intellect. Rather, it is about helping you build on your strengths, compensate for your weaknesses and derive the greatest benefit from your particular way of seeing and being in the world. The Profile will NOT and should NOT transform you into another person. Rather, it will help you be the best you can be: intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. The Profile feels transformative; its objective is to help you rediscover, reclaim and appreciate your authentic inner self.


User-friendly, The Profile provides a plethora of potent and compelling sociological, historical and pedagogical data, statistical and non-statistical, to exhort and encourage the target population and their respective families, friends, schools, neighbors, teammates, co-workers, and the like, to take mindful, appropriate and purposeful action, when necessary. Instead of merely gathering vital data about a person in bits and pieces, as has heretofore been the case in most instances, the decidedly more comprehensive Profile allows an in-depth, significantly fuller analysis of the individual in question so that a multi-faceted profile of self emerges, one which clearly highlights and explains a number of that individual’s specific academic, as well as personal strengths, weaknesses, behavior commonalities, belief systems, career potentials, relationship matches, neurodiversity characteristics, and the like.


By working through the sundry assessments at one’s own pace and in privacy and then by applying the findings of this dynamic personal profile in a guided manner, one can readily look back at one’s life as it has been, look forward to one’s life as it can become and look inward at the Self as to where one is now “in the moment”—OR out of it.

Your results are to be shared with the appropriate individual(s) and recommendations will be made, if necessary. Plans for your personal program will be formulated, as well.

In the case of the self-empowering Profile, the whole is truly greater than the sum of the parts.

In its most current edition The Profile contains ten evaluative tools for Tweens, Teens & Young Adults:

·         Long-Term Mathematics Issues

Discover if/why you suffer from dyscalcula, "math phobia" and/OR from innumeracy, that is, a long-standing genuine lack of math competency. Liberate yourself from the anxiety of reading-based math questions and tests and solve more everyday math problems with greater facility and ease. You can become numerate.


·         MAC Core Beliefs Questionnaire

Come to terms with your honest feelings about various aspects of your academic experience, to date. From tests to quizzes—the good, the bad and the ugly—work from your past to the future you want and deserve.


·         MAC Significant Life Events Rating Sheets

Reflect upon your real-life experiences and see the ways, positive and negative, in which those experiences have affected your thinking and decision-making, as well as their possible effect on your present and future health and well-being. Honor the importance of those experiences while concurrently regaining autonomy and control over the path of your life.


·         MAC Diagnostic Checklist for Visual & Auditory Difficulties

Your visual and aural comprehension issues not only may be rooted in your brain but also in your eyes and/OR in your ears. With proper and prompt diagnosis and treatment of your eyes and ears by Board Certified cognitive (behavioral) eye/ear/ Irlen specialists, you may find yourself experiencing the world with more clarity than you ever dreamed possible. Find out how you may benefit from these sound, easy life-changing and cost-effective medical interventions. Take action today and your confidence, comprehension, grades and test scores will start to soar tomorrow.


·           Feelings, Visual & Auditory: MAC Learning Pathway & Self-Inventory Rating Scale

Find the learning pathway you are "hard-wired" to prefer. Learn to maximize your performance in situations that favor your particular pathway, as well as how to cope more successfully with situations favoring pathways that are different from yours. Learn how to “flex” your mind depending on the task at hand. Clearly, using your entire brain improves virtually every aspect of your life. Learn to recognize, to learn from and to value how others in your world approach problems. We all can learn from each other.


·         MAC Rating Scale of Hemispheric Mode Preference

Identify your natural preferences in the style and manner in which you work and learn. Translate those natural tendencies into revealing indicators of the way your brain functions best. Career implications abound.


·         MAC Degrees of Attention Variability (AD/HD) Questionnaire

Recent innovations in diagnosis and treatment have empowered students with even severe AD/HD to succeed in school, at work, in athletics and in the community. This informal personal survey will help you determine your degree of AD/HD and whether professional intervention will assist you in overcoming any AD/HD issues and maximizing your true potential. A list of exciting lucrative careers for AD/HDers is also provided, as well as a list of numerous positive aspects of having AD/HD—and famous people blessed with AD/HD.


·         Who Am I? Personality Types & the MAC-T Self-Portrait Profile

Determine your personality "type." Understand how the way in which you talk, think, dress and act fits within the broader context of that particular type. You may even be a combination of two different personality types. How exciting! This information may also help to explain your signature words, behaviors and color preferences. Learn what careers best complement your personality.


·         May I Have Your Order: Birth Order as a Powerful Personality Indicator

Learn how birth order shapes the dynamics of your biological and/OR foster/ partner family, including those of your parents, and your many other relationships. Apply this fascinating and immediately useful knowledge to recognize and modify situations in which birth order may dictate the ways in which you engage others and the world around you—and vice versa. Viable career possibilities are also presented for your consideration.


·         MAC Flash PagesBe The Captain of Your Destiny: Discovering the Multi-Talented You

You have an amazing brain. In today’s test-crazed, fiercely competitive environment, we all need to hold in mind the potent words of Dr. Thomas Armstrong in his noted book, Neurodiversity: “. . . IQ scores are just numbers; yet as a nation the United States has been profoundly affected by the philosophical school of positivism, the idea that truth can be found only in numbers, statistics OR equivalent empirical data.” Surely, your natural talents, your complex nature, your keen interests and insights, together with the ironic blessings bestowed and the wisdom gleaned from that master teacher, viz., adversity, must be factored in, as well. With a spirit of open-minded adventure, not only discover even more about your nature and those viable career options that would be so right for you but moreover recognize and appreciate the innate talents and signature behaviors of others with whom you interact. With this pragmatic knowledge, you will be able to identify those positive and negative real-life individuals, e.g., your teacher, your coach/trainer OR boss and those situations, e.g., dorm life, the playing field OR a work environment, that constitute your personal deal makers and deal breakers. When you do, you will have more potentially positive experiences and be truly healthier and happier. Life is good. Live it with integrity, gusto, kindness and respect for our neurodiverse differences and similarities. Clearly, everyone has a contribution to makebe it simple OR profound.

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