Attendance Policy at MAC

Attendance is strictly your responsibility. Whether you attend one or two days in any given month, or you are at MAC on virtually a daily basis in any given month, you will be considered to have been at MAC the entire month. This policy is not negotiable. Come to class as often as possible. We genuinely welcome and appreciate your presence and participation.

Should you need to/have to take a temporary leave from your studies at MAC for any lengthy period of time, e.g., six weeks due to an illness, please immediately notify the office in writing. A brief note, card, or e-mail with the particulars will do. The "meter" on your six-month program will resume when you return.

Should you need to/have to take time off from your studies at MAC for any brief period of time, e.g., a week or two due to a family holiday, a family emergency, or attendance at a sports camp, please make up the lost time before and/or after you return by doubling up on your original base schedule of three classes per week.

Attendance Sheets

Student Attendance Sheet

Upon arriving at MAC Testing on your first day of each month, you must fill out an attendance sheet, which you will use for the entire month. (There is a separate monthly Attendance Sheet for private clients. Your instructor will provide you with the proper one.)

Blank sheets are available to the right of the spring green oval basket that is prominently located on the left just inside the student entrance. It is important that you have this sheet with you at ALL classes that you attend.

You are to return it to the spring green basket upon your departure from MAC Testing each day. It is to be filed in the basket inside the appropriate alphabetic folder with the letter that begins your last name. You and you alone are responsible for your sheet. Take it from the basket each day when you arrive and return it when you leave.

Under no circumstances are you to take your attendance sheet home. This sheet is to be presented to your instructor at the beginning of each class that you attend. It will be returned to you at the end of class after the instructor has signed it. This is the legal record of all classes that you attend at MAC Testing. It will be kept on file and sent to your parents at their request.

Please be careful when you fill it out. The left-hand column is the date of the month and you are to fill in the day of the week that it is in the next column. If you will be attending two classes on one day, please draw a diagonal line thru all but the first two boxes so that there is room for the information on both classes. Please click here to view an example of a completed attendance sheet entry.

If you need help on your very first attendance sheet, just ask for assistance from your instructor, from someone in the front office or a classmate. We will be happy to assist you with this important paper, or any other questions you may have, for whatever reason.

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