Your First Day at MAC TESTING

The first day here at MAC may be understandably hectic. For this reason, we are giving you this handout to help you know where to go and what you should be doing.

Immediately upon arrival:

  • 1  Obtain an attendance sheet from the stack kept just inside the entrance to MAC. If you have yours already, go to the next step.

  • 2  If you have NOT already received your textbooks, proceed directly to the front office and see a MAC employee. You will be asked to sign for all books and to write your name in marker on the edge of the pages so that we can easily identify any stray books and return them ASAP.

  • 3  Please arrive promptly for all scheduled classes. Go to the classroom designated for the particular class you are taking and sit and chat with your peers, if your like, and wait until your instructor begins class. Also, if there is still time before your class begins, feel free to relax in MAC’s Student Lounge. Please be aware that there may be a class taking place in the lounge you have selected. Therefore, you will understandably need to keep the volume of your merriment at a minimum.

  • 4  If you have any concerns as to where you should be, please ask any MAC employee and s/he will be happy to help you to get to where you need to be. After arriving at the right place, you are to immediately hand your attendance sheet to your instructor. It will be returned to you at the end of class with his OR her signature verifying that you, indeed, were there. This is a legal document of your attendance.

  • 5  Your instructor will announce when it is time for a hiatus, that is, a short 10-minute break approximately one hour into each session. This will be an opportunity for you to have a healthy snack, to walk around, to get to know the other students and to chill for a few minutes. Under NO circumstances are you to leave the building and/OR the property without permission from the office. Your parents have left you here and expect you to be here for the entire session. For students over 18, please understand that we must verify with your parents that it is OK for you to leave the grounds.

  • 6  At the conclusion of class, your attendance sheet will be returned to you for you to file in the basket near the entrance before going home. These sheets are not to go home with you. Please click here to refer to the Attendance Policy at MAC.

  • 7  This is sure to be another terrifically successful academic year. With courtesy, cooperation and adherence to a few simple rules, this is exactly how it will be. Enjoy your time here at MAC! Please let us know if there is anything you need OR if there are any questions to which you need answers. We are all always happy and willing to assist you as expeditiously as possible by addressing any needs and concerns that you may have. Plan to be spoiled in a healthy way. At MAC you are the “epicenter” of everything that happens here.


Enjoy your time here at MAC, and please let us know if there is anything you need or any questions that you need answers to ASAP. We are all always happy and willing to promptly and cheerfully assist you with any needs and concerns that you may have.

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